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Most of my work is based on studies of human bodies in motion. I am fascinated by the beauty of bodily shapes, which I try to "catch" at the same time as I am looking for spatial relationships in the overall structure of the canvas. This essentially will yield a layered composition, which then serves as the ground for further development.

Drawing has always been natural to me, and I find developing a drawing as a black and white painting to be direct and satisfying. Yet I am drawn to color, the mystique and the magic, and for me there is a big gap between the world of drawing and the world of color. Every painting is for me a challenge to bridge this gap.

These interests and concerns in some fashion seem to be shared with many, or most painters. But perhaps most obviously with the generation of “abstract expressionism”, in other words, way back then. When I was young and studied architecture, that was what “art” was, and given that I started painting seriously late in life, that is nontheless still what is most interesting to me.

My background is in architecture, and my professional degree is from the University of California in Berkeley (UCB) 1965. I worked for a long time as a collaborator with Professor Christopher Alexander at the Center for Environmental Structure (CES) and at UCB on developing pattern languages and other theoretical structures related to architecture and the environment. I am a co-author of “A Pattern Language” and other publications of this work. I also worked intermittently at other architectural offices in the Bay Area.

In the last period of my professional life I was a professor of architecture at the Norwegian University of Technology and Natural Science in Trondheim where I was in charge of the graduate design studio sequence, “Theory and Experimentation”. The main focus of this work was a critical exploration of the various formal languages that arose internationally in the last two decades of the century. I also continued my association with Professor Alexander in Berkeley working on the development for Internet of the user design aspect of pattern languages.
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INGRID FIKSDAHL KING                      contact: or +1 (USA) (510) 849-5429